What can you do with Homepod mini? – Top 3 uses besides music

Apple HomePod mini Use cases

We all know the Apple HomePod mini is a smart speaker for any room and punches well above its weight with the superb sound quality for its size. Besides listening to music, what can you do with Homepod mini? You can set it up as a TV speaker and we recommend doing so with 2 Homepod minis. It’s beautifully designed and makes Apple’s super-intelligent Siri assistant ubiquitous in your room, what’s more, it even acts as a hub to control other smart home devices. Beyond all this, here are three top uses for the Homepod mini apart from Listening to music.

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1. Intercom

“Hey Siri, ask the kitchen ‘Is dinner ready yet?'”

Homepod mini acts as an intercom in your home between rooms, zones and iOS devices

Family members can connect with each other at home between rooms or floors quickly and easily using the new HomePod mini Intercom feature. You can choose to send an Intercom message from one HomePod to another. If you have multiple HomePods in the house, you get to decide if your message goes to one or multiple rooms or throughout the house. 

Intercom other iOS devices before they’re home

Intercom isn’t limited to HomePod minis. Family members with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and CarPlay, can also get Intercom notifications and send Intercom messages remotely. For example, if Dad’s on his way home the family could already send the voice message via intercom to him from home just by talking to their HomePod mini.

Homepod Mini Intercomm Commands

Send an Intercom message

Intercom with Siri (on your Homepod mini or any Siri enabled iOS device) something like:

  • Intercom to all: “Hey Siri, intercom ‘dinner is ready'”
  • Specific room or zone: “Hey Siri, intercom Tim’s room ‘Get ready, we’re all leaving soon'”

Intercom with Home app

  • In the Home app on your iPhone or iPad, tap the intercom button in the top right and say your message.
  • To send to a specific zone or room start with something like “Ask Tim’s room ‘do you need the Tesla tonight?”. When done, tap stop and it should send.

Reply to intercom messages

After you’ve listened to an Intercom message you can reply right away. Just say something like:

  • “Hey Siri, reply ‘Well if you really need it, I can manage with out the Tesla tonight'”
  • “Hey Siri, reply to Tim’s room ‘Yes I need the Tesla, don’t even think about it'”

Now that you know what you can do with Homepod mini, learn more about how to use HomePod mini as an intercom on Apple’s website.

2. Phone calls

Homepod Mini is the ultimate speakerphone

Don’t stop what you’re doing, just take/make the call. You can use your HomePod Mini as a home conference speakerphone. Easily initiate calls on the HomePod mini simply by saying “Hey Siri, call mom”. With its high-quality microphones and sound, the Homepod mini works great for taking conference calls from anywhere in the home.

HomePod Mini Commands for Calls

  • Answer calls – “Hey Siri, answer the call”
  • Call contacts – Hey Siri, call mom”
  • Make calls to any number
  • Check who is calling – “Hey Siri, who’s calling?”
  • Move an on-going call to Homepod Mini – hold your iPhone near the top of the HomePod
  • Hang up calls with a tap on the speaker
  • Make emergency calls – check Apple’s website for requirements

See how to set and use HomePod mini for phone calls on Apple’s website.

3. Messaging (even WhatsApp with no hands)

Apple Homepod Mini supports sending WhatsApp messages

“Hey Siri, WhatsApp Tim that tomorrow night’s dinner is not happening.”

HomePod mini is an easy and fast way to send messages with no hands

Say you’re in the middle of something like cleaning, you could put the dishes down, wipe your hands, pick up your phone, unlock it, open the messages app, tap new message and start bashing out the letters with your thumbs – or you could just say “Hey Siri, message mom that I’m running late”. 

Send WhatsApp messages with HomePod mini

HomePod mini recently added support for WhatsApp. gives a super easy hands-free way to send messages quickly and easily without the hassle.

How good is the Homepod mini sound quality?

We see a lot of questions about it, so we’ve written another post on the Homepod mini sound quality and the top sound uses, such as pairing two speaking, using homepod mini as a TV speaker and more.

What’s your favourite feature?

These are our three favourite features of the HomePod mini right now. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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