Parking sensor removal causes dilemma for Tesla buyers

No parking sensors and no object distance warning confirmed on New Teslas in North America and Europe.

Tesla has removed parking sensors from its new vehicles, causing frustration for some customers. The company has transitioned to using camera-based autonomous driving and parking assist, but has not yet provided a fix for the resulting gap in functionality and currently new Model 3 Y do not having any park distance warning. Tesla has saved about $144 per car by removing the ultrasonic sensors, but the feature has not yet arrived on the software side.

Tesla’s sensor removal leaves customers in a tight spot

Tesla buyers may be surprised to find that they have to rely on their own judgement and vision when parking their new vehicles. The lack of parking sensors and no alternative released prior to their removal may have negative effects on the company’s brand loyalty.

During the transition to camera-based Tesla Vision autonomous driving and parking assist, Tesla has temporarily limited or disabled certain features such as Park Assist, Autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon. What’s more, for now it means there’s no park distance control at all on new Teslas. The company has not provided any confirmation that these object detection alerts will be re-enabled or when this might happen. In addition to removing the sensors, Tesla appears to have made changes to the cameras and camera housing.

Parking sensor replacement plan met with skepticism by Tesla customers

Tesla’s plan to fix the missing parking sensors with an over-the-air update that utilizes cameras to mimic the functionality of the sensors has faced intense scrutiny. Many have questioned the feasibility of this solution, particularly given the existence of a blindspot of approximately 3 feet at the front of the vehicle’s hood. Will this camera-based fix prove to be a disaster in the making, or will it be a stroke of genius?

Lack of parking sensors and software fix prompts delivery cancelations for Tesla customers

Currently, some Tesla customers are considering canceling their orders or delaying delivery due to the absence of parking sensors and the lack of a software fix. Do you think you would cancel delivery without parking sensors or a software fix?

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