Tesla Model Y moose test 🦌 2022 vs Jeep [video clips]

Tesla Model Y Moose Test

See the Tesla Model Y moose test and compare it to a Jeep Grand Cherokee doing the same test. The moose test started in Sweden many moons ago and has become a new standard way to benchmark the agility and rollover resistance of new cars. Below you can this all in action and imagine why it’s an important measure to consider.

Tesla Model Y Moose test aced 🦌

The test is simple, you hammer on down the road at 80km/h and as if there’s a moose suddenly there, you have to quickly swerve out of your lane, and back into your lane as fast as possible, as if there was oncoming traffic not too far up ahead. Take a look at how Tesla Model Y handles it like a boss. Of course the low center of gravity is a huge advantage here in a very critical possible real world scenario. I know which car I’d choose to be in when facing a moose at 80km/h.

Jeep Grand Cherokee moose test comparison 🚙

For comparison, take a look at how this Jeep Grand Cherokee, a slightly less nimble SUV perform this same Moose test manurer. It’s easy to see the Tesla’s agility is next level. Although not everyone lives where they need to worry about suddenly dodging a moose, but elsewhere it could be anything.

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