Tesla FSD upgrade increasing to $15000 starting Sep 5, 2022

FSD Beta Recall

Tesla FSD upgrade increasing to $15000 starting Sep 5, 2022

On September 5th, 2022, the price of FSD will increase to $15000 in North America. While no price increase for Europe is confirmed, we expect the price hike will follow soon. Elon Musk confirmed the North American price hike set for September on Twitter today. Now there is still a chance to purchase the full-self-driving upgrade in the US after the current price.

Will the FSD subscription price increase?

There has been no official communication on whether or not the price of the subscription will also increase. This year there has been an increase in price hikes across the board due to increasing demand and inflation.

Price hikes are the new normal for Tesla and the world in general.

While discussing the price of FSD beta going up, let’s keep the bigger picture in mind. In June, we saw The Model 3 Long Range go from $54,490 to $57,990, a price increase of $2500. We’ve also seen price increases in Europe this year and expect to see more. Before this, in April, we saw a significant price hike of €7000 on the base Model 3 in German, which was a 17% increase. Although mostly reported in Germany, the price increase affected Europe, including Finland, Sweden, France, and all other European markets we checked.

Gas and energy prices soar to historic highs

Gas prices are out of control globally
Gas prices are at history highs, while an energy crisis rocks Europe

While we are concerned about the increases in used car prices and Tesla upgrades, the current energy crisis in Europe and soaring gas prices globally are a much larger issue, where the price of electricity has hit record highs.

Will used car prices continue to rise?

While we’ve seen unprecedented increases in used-car prices this year, there were signs of slowing down. Autoblog.com reported used-car price increases were relatively small in July 2022. The report begs the question, will used car prices stagnate and start to drop again? We think they might as a natural correction. A shrinkage of almost 20% in EV second-hand sales also was reported in some places. Despite the shortage, we shouldn’t expect used car prices to increase in the long term. 

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