Model Y Performance Differences from Berlin – Top videos

Want to see what’s new with the Model Y Performance from Germany? Save time going through all the YouTube videos and jump to our top picks. We’ve written a post covering the top 10 differences in the German-Made Tesla Model Y vs. the China-Made Version and why Tesla is the best car in the world. For those with time to watch, we wanted to share our favourite videos from YouTube that do a terrific job walking you through the differences in much more detail.

Walk around: White Tesla Performance Model Y from Germany – spot all the differences with Richard Symons

Ride quality and chassis compared: Model Y Long Range from China vs New Giga-Berlin Built Performance Model Y

Here’s a terrific video to see how the ride quality compares between the new German Built Tesla Model Y performance and the Shanghai-built Long Range.

Walk around: Black Model Y Performance with Bjørn Nyland

Here’s another quick walkaround video to jump into the new Performance. This time it’s a Black Model Y Performance in Norway with Bjørn Nyland. Below you can find the following video where he tests the range trying to do 1000km with just one additional charge.

Drive: Black Model Y Performance 1000km challenge with Bjørn Nyland

Nico’s walkaround spotting all the differences in his new Performance Model Y in Germany

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