Logitech Circle View wired Doorbell – why we love it and what you need to know

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Want to know who is at the door without getting up? If so, the Logitech Circle View wired Doorbell is one option for you. In a nutshell, here’s what you need to know about the Logitech Circle View Doorbell before you buy.

Top features

  • HomeKit Secure Video (iCloud integration)
  • Facial recogniation
  • HD 160° field of view
  • Color night vision
  • Wired doorbell (no batteries)
Logitech Circle View wired Doorbell
Logitech Circle View Doorbell simple design

It comes with Homekit Secure video (Important note, not all HomeKit video doorbells do), facial recognition, color night vision & an HD 160° field of view. This doorbell belongs on your shortlist if you’re considering the AppleHome Kit eco-system.

Replace your existing doorbell with the Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell

We like wired doorbells, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries. The Logitech Circle View wired Doorbell functions with most existing wired doorbell systems. Check their website to see the chimes it supports.

Appreciate the slim design

It is designed to best fit at any home entrance. The slim and seamless glass feature design looks simple enough to our eyes to avoid being an eyesore. This video doorbell has HomeKit Secure Video, Face Recognition, 160° field of view with head-to-toe HD optics, and color night vision. 

Setup Homekit Secure Video

The Logitech Circle View wired Doorbell uses HomeKit Secure Video. In practice, this means you can use your iCloud storage for 10 days of recording history. While all Apple HomeKit compatible video doorbells give you an excellent native experience with iOS devices, only HomeKit Secure Video will let you use your iCloud account to back up the video footage. While many doorbells are Homekit compatible, very few on the market actually have HomeKit Secure Video support. If you want to use iCloud to store your doorbell footage, then this feature is not to be overlooked. We really like the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell as well, but like many others, it doesn’t (at least not yet) have support for HomeKit Secure Video.

See in colour at night with HD color night vision

Using the High Dynamic Range sensor, you can see incredible details even in bright sunlight or deep shadows. You will receive notifications with two-way audio across all your Apple devices whenever a person or delivery is at the door.

Only for Apple Homekit

The Logitech Circle View wired Doorbell is only compatible with AppleHomekit. The Logitech Circle View Doorbell provides the smoothest experience possible with native notifications and a video feed via your Apple devices.

When opting for a non-HomeKit-compatible doorbell, family members will need to install a separate app for it. Third-party apps add complexity to your smart home ecosystem. We strongly recommend considering an Apple Homekit enabled doorbell, especially if you’re already using Apple’s smart home. That way, you’ll easily see who’s at the door on your iPhone on even your Apple Watch. What’s more, if you’re watching TV on Apple TV, the video feed even pops up on the screen when someone is at the door.

If you’re looking for something that can also work with Alexa and Google Home, take a look at the awesome Netatmo smart video doorbell instead.

Apple HomeKit Compatible

Logitech Circle View Doorbell Price

The last time we checked the Logitech Circle View price cost $199 (self-installation) or $299 installed. For more information, visit the official Logitech Circle View wired Doorbell product page.

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