German made Model Y Long Range vs China made Model Y Long Range

Tesla Model Y Long Range

Model Y Long Range from Giga Berlin has noticeable differences compared to the Shanghai built Model Y.

The Tesla Model Y is an important vehicle for the company. It’s the first cross-over vehicle in the Tesla lineup (we consider the X a full SUV). The Model Y has been on sale since 2020, but the first vehicles came from Tesla Shanghai—not Europe. People have been wondering if there will be any differences in quality or performance between those made in Shanghai versus those made in Giga Berlin. We’ve compiled all of our findings here so you can decide for yourself:

New suspension setup confirmed for Model Y Long Range from Berlin.

A while back already we knew the Model Y performance from Berlin had improved suspension. Now we’ve learned The Model Y Long Range made in Gigaberlin also has a new and improved suspension, which is “less bumpy”. The earlier Model Y’s have been somewhat critised about their hard and sometimes jarring suspension. It sounds like this has now been addressed and we can expect to experience a smoother ride in the latest Model Y’s out of Berlin.

Model Y Long Range from Giga Berlin may be different from those made in Shanghai

The Model Y Long Range from Giga Berlin may be different from those made in Shanghai. For example, the touch materials on the doors and in the boot are softer than those on a China-made Model Y Long Range. Also, it’s worth noting that double-glazed windows for Giga Berlin models are thinner than their China-made counterparts.

Model Y Long Range from Giga Berlin will get softer touch materials

If you’ve ever seen a Model Y in the flesh, you’ve likely noticed that they use soft touch materials on the dash and door panels. These soft touch materials are much much softer than what we’ve seen on previous models. This is because Tesla built the first production cars in Germany, where they use different suppliers than those in California or China.

Softer materials were also spotted first in their performance model earlier this year at the Geneva motor show and then again when it went into production later this year. We’re excited to see how they continue to improve iteratively with each new vehicle generation!

More supportive seats

Double-glazed windows for Model Y Long Range are thinner on Giga Berlin model

The Model Y Long Range is available with either single or double-glazing. The current Giga Berlin model has thinner double-glazed windows than other models, while the less expensive China made model has thicker ones.

We’re not sure if this means that the thinner double glazing on the Giga Berlin model is better at soundproofing than thicker ones, but it could be an advantage for those who want to use their cars in an urban environment and want great soundproofing without sacrificing comfort or seeing out of the window.

The Model 3 only offers a single pane option for its rear doors, which may be one reason why reviewers have commented that it isn’t as quiet inside as some would like. With both front and rear doors having double glazing now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy both peace and quiet when driving around town!


The Model Y Long Range is a great car, but the differences between Giga Berlin and Shanghai may be more than just cosmetic. If you’re in Europe and want to get one, make sure your order is coming from Giga Berlin before you collect. There have still be some shipments of the China variants into China. And if you buy a used Model Y in Europe or even a demo car, it’s most likely still the China variant. The way to know is via the VIN number.