Why Tesla cars are simply the best – 25 reasons

I love Tesla Full Self Driving Beta. I love Tesla Autopilot. I love Tesla Superchargers. But what do we think makes Tesla the best car in the world? 🤔 Well, all of the reasons combined make for a pretty compelling case.

Every family needs a reliable car. For most families, a car that can cover all their needs. A good family car should have: A lot of space for five people or more, Good comfort, and Good safety. It’s possible to find a lot of cars that fulfil most of needs, so this list is more about where Tesla stands out from the rest.

25 reasons Tesla is the best car in the world:

  1. Autopilot is standard.
  2. Full self-driving feature (not ready, but more advanced than any other right now).
  3. A perfect AWD system.
  4. Almost perfect rear wheel drive (in standard range versions).
  5. Passive safety features included.
  6. The best environmental rating.
  7. The lowest consumption.
  8. The highest safety rating.
  9. The fastest acceleration in any of its classes.
  10. The longest range of battery.
  11. The cheapest running costs.
  12. The convenient super charger network.
  13. The fast charging system.
  14. The AI it uses.
  15. Most responsive user interface.
  16. A bio weapon safety feature (in Y, S and X).
  17. High quality audio.
  18. The best heating feature (heat pump).
  19. The best customer buying experience.
  20. The best ownership experience and app.
  21. Sentry mode with live video feed.
  22. Integrated 360 dashcam.
  23. Toybox the kids love with fart sounds, megaphone, lightshow, games and more
  24. Santa mode
  25. Lowest depreciation (so far)

Is Tesla the best car in the world?

What do you think makes Tesla the best car in the world? Or if you disagree, let us know your thoughts on the Twitter threat of in the comments below.

Can we grow this list to 100 reasons Tesla is the best car in the world?

Please share more reasons below and on Twitter and we’ll add the best ones to the list above.

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