2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range Acceleration Test 0-100 in 5.2 seconds

2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range Acceleration Test

Let’s find out how fast the 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range (not Performance) can accelerate. You might already be confident that Tesla cars are the best for many reasons, but you might be wondering if the long range will be fast enough before forking out the extra cash for the Performance. Let’s take a look at this Black 2022 Model Y Long Range with the all-black induction wheels and is performed with a charge of about 60%. A higher charge might be slightly more optimal. That said, this is a real world test. We’ve cut straight to the parts you’re looking for to save you time.First up let’s see how it looks from inside the cabin with the stop watch on.

Besides speed, differences of Model Y Long Range and Performance?

Beyond the acceleration test covered in this post, we also outline how the Tesla Model Y Shanghai vs Berlin differs. We did the comparison to show how Giga-Berlin Model Y Performance, (which is the latest) has several updates over the China-built Long Range version.

2022 Model Y Long Range Launch

Next up, let’s take a look from outside the cabin. Here is the same 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range launch, but a look from behind the car. We saw it achieve 5.2 seconds 0-100km/h in the first video. This also gives you a sense of how the acceleration sounds from outside the Model Y Long Range.

It’s pretty quick, but is this 2022 Model Y Long Range quick enough to hold the banana?

Nicky from DamnFast puts the 2022 Model Y Long Range acceleration to the test with a banana. He holds it against the front seat and lets it go when he launches to see if the thrust is strong enough to pin the banana to the seat. Take a look, will it stick, slide or fall?

2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor Specs

Engine: Dual
Power: 258kW, 351HP
Torque: 527Nm
Weight: 1956kg
Top Speed: 217 km/h
0-100 (claimed): 5.0 seconds

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