10 differences in Tesla Model Y Shanghai vs Berlin, comparison of German-Made and China-Made Versions

Tesla Model Y Shanghai vs Berlin

So what’s the difference between Tesla Model Y Shanghai vs Berlin? Recently Tesla opened its new world-class factory in Berlin, Germany. We’re here to show you compare the German-Made Tesla Model Y vs. the China-Made Version. We’re now seeing more videos of the latest 2022 Model Y Performance made in Germany on YouTube. Although we have confirmed Long Range is already coming off the production line there, all the collection and review videos on YouTube are of the Model Y performance.

10 Differences with the Model Y Shanghai vs Berlin new German-Made version.

So is the Model Y Performance Made in Germany different? It might look the same, but we’ve picked up on ten improvements Tesla has made in its new Giga Berlin version. That sets it apart from the variants of Telsa’s other factories like Shanghai. Before you continue to these 10 differences of the new Berlin version, you might also like to see our 25 reasons why Tesla is the best car in the world.

1. New Front Seats

German-Made Tesla Model Y vs. the China-Made Version
New front seats in Model Y Performance from Germany have improved support and reinforced double stitching.

The Model Y Performance has updated front seats with new double stitching, making them more robust. The side bolsters feel more supportive, too and we can expect there have been more improvements made to these seats beyond what’s visible. Still, this is an aesthetic improvement as well as a functional one; the double stitching does make it feel more premium.

So far, the updated Performance seats from Germany have only been spotted in black. Moreover, selecting the white Interior on a Model Y Performance on Tesla.com in Europe pushed out the estimated delivery time from Oct-Dec 2022 for black to Jan – Mar 2023 for white Interior. This suggests Giga Berlin hasn’t started producing the new white interiors yet. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve seen them.

2. Double-glazed windows in the rear

We’ve seen the double glazing in the front windows before. Now the Model Y out of Germany seems to be the first, with the rear windows also doubled. This will improve sound insulation and comfort in the cabin.

3. More premium door materials and silenced door bins

The interior door materials feel softer and squishier to touch than before. Moreover, the door bin is lined with a soft cloth (rather than a hard plastic) to dampen out any noises caused by loose objects placed and stored there.

4. Rear seatbelt rattle fixed

In the back, there’re improvements too. We see the soft material now covering what was plastic before by where the seatbelts land when not in use. This was known to cause some rattling previously when the rear seats were empty.

German-Made Tesla Model Y vs. the China-Made Version

5. Slightly softer steering wheel material

The steering wheel now feels just a touch softer than before. There seems to be a slight change to the artificial leather material it’s made of.

The Tesla Model Y Shanghai vs Berlin differences don’t stop there, here’s 5 more.

6. Parcel shelf finally added to the boot

The boot now has a parcel shelf. Although this was first spotted in the new German-made variant, we’ve confirmed it’s been spotted in the latest shipments from Shanghai too. This improves safety since things will find it more difficult to fly out into the cabin in sudden braking or another critical situation.

7. Tether hooks in the boot

There had been complaints before that the Model Y didn’t have tether points to tie cargo down in the boot. Well, that’s fixed now since the new Model Y Performance has added tie-down points in the boot.

8. Improved bass in the premium audio system

The sound system has changed. In the Shanghai and other versions, it seemed there were additional tweeters right up front under the windshield, whereas now, in the Giga-Berlin build, they’re just closer to the mirrors. This means a change to the front sound bar and improved bass from the back. There’s been an update to the sound, and overall it is likely to be better; we’re looking forward to getting more time to test it soon.

9. Smoother refined suspension

We’ve saved the best for last. Model Y, especially the Performance variant with the 21″ wheels, has been notorious for its rigid suspension. The latest build coming out of Germany appears to have improved it somewhat. Apparently, it absorbs the bumps a lot better now without compromising the ride quality and tightness need to hit the turns hard with the crazy power it lays down. Based on what we’ve seen, it’s a tough call between which is smoother now. The Shanghai variant with 19″ wheels or the Giga-Berlin Performance with 21″ wheels suggests a significant improvement.

These nine differences in the Model Y Performance model from Germany might seem small on their own, but combined definitely make the car more refined. We’re looking forward to getting more time with the Model Y Performance from Germany soon.

10. Better paint job

Giga-Berlin has a new paint facility and we’ve heard there’s an improvement to the paint quality on the new Tesla out of Germany vs Shanghai.

Those are the leading 10 differences between the Tesla Model Y Shanghai vs Berlin. And we didn’t even mention the latest windshield wiper nozzle. If you’d like to see more, continue on to our favorite YouTube videos showing what’s new with the Tesla Model Y Performance from Germany.

What other differences have you spotted?

Share with us in the comments below any extra differences you know of or any questions you might have.

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  1. Ok so I have a 2022 Made in China Tesla Model Y.
    I paid attention to all your points, the only thing my car is missing is the trunk cover, everything else, I have.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. That’s super interesting. I just heard in the last week of China models arriving still without the cloth where the rear seatbelts hang. Can you confirm you also have the tie down points in the boot behind the taillights?

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